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Ranchera Familia CBD Joint

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Ranchera Familiares Are Bringing Us Closer Together Through Familiar Experiences. Gas yourself up with this heavy hitter indica dominate CBD strain called WAP, her citrus notes will have you sparking right up.

Hecho En Mano in Fresno County, California. All their hierba comes directly from their regenerative boutique hemp farm Latina grown & owned. They are the first company to have hemp packaging; carton, cigarette tubes and hemp to be completely all made out of hemp grown in the USA.  


Indica, Relax, 13.45% CBD, Terpenes: 2.63%

Terpene profile: Hops, Cinnamon, Orange, Magnolia, Pine 

.75 grams per hemp cigarette - Packed in a glass tube with cork top

How to use:

Gently puff and inhale the CBD goodness at your own pace. 


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