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Hi! I’m Claire.
Welcome to Pure Canna Box — I’m grateful you’re here.

our story
Claire Berkley sits cross-legged on the floor, smiling

My first introduction to weed was one slightly untraditional. At age 14 my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and like most who go through intense chemotherapy, he was emaciated with no appetite. We baked homemade weed cookies (which he loved!) and it was from then on I realized the magnitude of healing that cannabis offers. 

Years later I was reintroduced to weed for my own personal reasons. The NCAA classifies cannabis as a prohibited drug so I complied in fear of losing a scholarship. It was after my collegiate soccer career at San Jose State that I decided to give it a try.


I was recovering from severe sports-related injuries and suffered wear and tear on my body like never before, both mentally and physically. I was left with arthritis, nerve damage, chronic pain, sleep deprivation, and a lot of anxiety. 


Let me say, I am SO thankful for this plant medicine because it truly changed my life. For the times where using THC, or experiencing a high wasn’t appropriate, CBD quickly became my go-to. Simply put, you get the healing benefits cannabis (THC) has to offer, just without a high. But yes, there's for sure a time and place for a good J!

I dreamt of the ability to share my experience with cannabis to other people, specifically through technology and ecommerce.  After some time personalizing cannabis routines for my circle, I started Pure Canna Box. 


PCB will continue to innovate and provide an honest and transparent cannabis platform for all. 


We cannot partake in cannabis use without being aware of the decades of social injustices surrounding this plant. PCB's platform is a collective of small, BIPOC, or underrepresented brands who are interested in bettering our people, planet, and society. Follow along with us!


stay well,


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