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Organic CBD Coconut Oil for Pets

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This product is non-psychoactive and will not get your pet high. 

With this amazing product, your canine friend is going to enjoy the health benefits from Honest Paws Organic Hemp Oil with Rich Human-Grade Organic Coconut Oil extracted from premium, mature coconuts.

Coconut oil has such a wide range of health benefits that we recommend our readers to give it a try. As always, consult with your holistic veterinarian regarding the proper amount of coconut oil for your furry friend's individual needs. We hope Fido feels better soon!

How to use:

Simply mix into your pet’s food or offer as a treat. If you’re using it as a topical treatment for your pet, rub the oil on the affected area, such as skin or paws. 

Under 25lbs: 1/2 tablespoon per serving -- 5mg
Over 25lbs: 1 tablespoon per serving -- 10mg


Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, Organic Coconut Oil

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